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Kissa Kursi Ka

By on April 15, 2016
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Kissa Kursi Ka

A sedentary lifestyle could lead to hazardous health. Cut down the danger of sitting your way to bad health with these safety tips

As we have evolved over the years, we have designed for ourselves a so-called modern and comfortable lifestyle. But once you realise that spending too much time perched on your posterior could be seriously damaging your health, you might not feel so comfortable any more.

The concern lies with a growing number of people unaware of the potential dangers of sitting for too long, who do not take advantage of the benefits of exercising throughout the day.

A new campaign needs to be started, to get people back on their feet and help turn back the rising tide of ill health caused by too much sitting, be it at home, work or travel.

Visualise these scenarios: Couch potatoes in front of the TV, rows and rows of employees crammed at desks or holed in cubicles, students in chairs that restrict movement, travellers commuting long distances to work daily, passengers in cramped airline seats, etc. all seated for hours together. These prolonged periods of inactivity definitely increase the risk of obesity, but also cause a staggering list of other conditions.

The human race didn’t evolve to spend so much time sitting down. The body is meant to be mobile and its body fluids are meant to be flowing, be it lymph in the lymphatic system, blood in the circulatory system, saliva in the mouth, etc. Anything that hampers free flow leads to blockages and stagnation thus leading to illness.

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