Floating Fantasy

By on July 20, 2016
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Floating Fantasy

The modern organised hospitality industry in Goa had its beginnings a few decades ago, when five-star hotels arrived to cash in on big spenders. Delta Corp, led by chairmanJaydev Mody, has taken it up another notch with India’s first premium floating hotel MV Royale Flotel, where one-of-a-kind luxury is savoured by the well-heeled and opulence is the name of the game. On board, if you snapped your fingers to bring you back to reality, you’d find that’s exactly where you were

The weather is gloomy and rain threatens to pour down. It’s hardly a good day to be out, forget ride a speed boat on a river. But up ahead, a sight in white awaits. The dolphin-shaped hotel – known as MV Royale Flotel – sits snug against the ripples of the River Mandovi, shaped like a marine mammal coming up for air. Step inside and you could be anywhere your luxury dream would care to take you.

This is the latest masterpiece by Jaydev Mody – entrepreneur, passionate businessman, discerning host. ForbesLife called him a ‘measured gambler’. And risks he takes, like a grandmaster at a chess board. The chairman of the `500 crore-turnover Delta Corp – which owns Deltin Group and runs the majority of Goa’s off-shore casinos – has played his cards well over the years, going from a young 16-year-old on pay roll to suave empire owner at 61.

MV Royale Flotel is really a symbol of how a loss-making venture can be repackaged into a promising concept. The MV Caravela was in fact the first off-shore casino in Goa’s waters run by Advani Hotels. Mody – incidentally the son-in-law of India’s top jurist Soli Sorabjee – overhauled it from head to tail and has reintroduced it as the MV Royal Flotel, literally a floating hotel the likes of which have never been seen before in India.

“It is based on the concept of combining the best qualities of a luxury cruise ship with the beauty of a world-class hotel anchored in the serene locale of Goa,” explained Mody, who continued, “This vessel has been created to attract the ‘crème de la crème’, high-end tourists only, with the aim of giving Goa’s tourism sector a major boost in terms of high-spending visitors. Refurbished in Goa, quality products have been utilised in creating this marvel to exacting standards that are maintained and managed by our competent and professional team.”

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