Time matters!

By on December 27, 2016
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Time matters!

It is pertinent that one realises the value of time and makes life more meaningful with meticulous planning and execution

It was just past midnight in our hospital with four more patients waiting in succession for consultation, Sandrea Hernandez (pseudonym) walked into the clinic for a check-up. She had conceived after many years and was travelling abroad to her hometown for delivery.

She was carrying twins. After a hurried consultation and swift goodbyes as calls beckoned her home for dinner, she turned around and asked, “Doc, when we come back after delivery, we wish to buy something precious for you as a gift, what can we get?” And, believe me, the reflex answer was “Can you buy me an hour of prime time”? We laughed it off, bade goodbye and then the thought of ‘time’ lingered on, compelling the next few lines.
We come into this world with limited time – say 36,500 hours. The first four years and the last eight years in case one lives to be a hundred are spent in blissful ignorance by most of us whose IQ is normal. Set aside time spent on daily chores and mundane travel, the hours left are way below 15,000. In these 15,000 hours, we have a whole ‘lifetime’ to spend.

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