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Effective prevention

By on March 22, 2017
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Effective prevention

Modern life is killing people, with a surging rise in cases of cancer. Early checkups can help avoid the risks

Prevention is better than cure’, is an old saying and sure it is. Many an early cancer is picked up by today’s technology, short of which we would have seen an alarming rise in stage III and IV cancers. A few of the best inventions include gastro-intestinal endoscopy, mammograms and the pap smear, and believe me, but for these three basic investigations, we would have had a tsunami of cancers today.

In the early part 2001-2002, cervical cancer stood at a whopping 25-30/ 100,000 population in India. Thanks to preventive investigation, the incidence has dropped drastically to almost 20/100,000 women in many parts, through it remains very high when compared to statistics in the Nordic states where it’s just 4-6/100,000 women. To give you the long and short of preventive investigations, early detection of most cancers is now the rule. Improved life expectancy, survival rates and quality of life has compelling evidence to show that one must get a thorough investigation done at least once after 40 years and once every three years after the age of 60.
Perhaps every silver lining could have a black one, and one must remember that the medical profession is soon switching trends too.

By and large every business and industry is meant to make a monetary profit and is sustained by a single dynamic goal of “make more money”.

The medical profession on the other hands – which was very noble until a few decades ago – is a service industry, meant to serve humanity, bring life, save life, prevent disease and relieve pain. Money in medicine is important to maintain the profession and is not a goal.

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