The Sunshine Vitamin

By on March 22, 2017
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The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D plays a vital role particularly with mothers, but its deficiency is now pandemic and insufficiency is an independent risk factor for total mortality in the general population

Mel Noakes poetically encapsulates the epitome of being a woman. Strong and loving to all, women repeatedly fail in their duty towards themselves! Nutritionally too, a woman overlooks her needs, and gaining universal attention today is the rampant deficiency of Vitamin D.    

Labelled ‘the sunshine vitamin’, the benefits of Vitamin D, backed by tons of research, ring loud and clear. Unfortunately though, the signs that you’re low on the nutrient are a bit quieter. Muscle weakness and decreased muscular size can be the result of inadequate Vitamin D in muscle and nerve tissue, thereby increasing the incidence of falls.

Insufficient levels of Vitamin D have also been linked to chronic pain and stress fractures. A little known fact is the link between Vitamin D and heart health, with the former helping to regulate blood pressure. Recent research has also shown that lower levels of Vitamin D are linked to higher levels of daytime sleepiness, as well as mood swings – the production of the hormone serotonin, which impacts mood, is lowered with a Vitamin D deficiency and may be the cause of you being grouchy through the day! Some studies have proven a reduced aerobic capacity and endurance in athletes with low Vitamin D levels.

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