The power of Love

By on August 19, 2017
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The power of Love

Falling in love can keep you healthy, and has the power to impact a human body in immeasurable ways

If there are two people in a room full of the coryza (common cold) virus, one is happy in love and the other is not; you can guess who is more likely to get the ‘cold’! Love is very powerful immune booster and changes the body chemistry in many ways.
Our body produces cancer cells every day. Areas in our body such as the skin epithelium, respiratory tract, gastro-intestinal tract and genito–urinary tract have cells that proliferate and replace the entire epithelium within weeks. Hence, the nail on your finger that you have now was not there two months ago (it is new) and the proof is that the stain on your nail that you noted before has now disappeared.
Be that as it may, proliferating cells produce cancer cells daily too. A cancer cell is nothing but your normal cell that has gone ‘wild’ and does not know how to keep within the limits of its organ and basement membrane. There is a system of immune mechanism in our body (a cancer cell surveillance system) that identifies and destroys these ‘wild’ cells. It uses what was earlier called ICSL (immunologically competent small lymphocytes) to destroy the upcoming cancer cells and keep our body safe. However, a compromise in our immune system can allow cancer cells to grow, or even serious infections such as tuberculosis to invade our bodies.

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