Book highlighting gender bias launched at Campal

By on August 19, 2017
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Book highlighting gender bias launched at Campal

Dr Menhaaz Nadiadwala has portrayed the unconditional love of a mother in her book ‘It’s a Girl: Dialogues with a Princess’, launched recently by celebrity playback singer Hema Sardesai, clinical psychologist Amita Quenim, and nutritionist & owner of Gym & Tonic Shwetha Bhatia. The event saw deliberations and an exchange of views on a host of sensitive issues related to women.

The book echoes the sentiments of its author. It revolves around the concept of an unborn child conversing with the mother, debating on whether it should be born or not as those who chose to see the world have many struggles to face as a girl and then as a woman. 
One of the critical issues highlighted in the book is gender bias. The issue is sub-divided into three categories – biasness in family inheritance, triple talaq and gender bias in the corporate world where women are not given the opportunity to come on company boards. The sad demise of Dr Nadiadwala’s mother and her interaction with her favourite author Jeffrey Archer lead her to pen the book encompassing various issues women face. 
One of the aspects brought to light during the launch was pregnancy. “It is important, when a mother carries a child, that she thinks positively, the people she surrounds herself with have a positive attitude and the environment is relaxed as it can affect the unborn child,” explained Dr Nadiadwala.
Chief guest Hema Sardesai added, “The love and encouragement from parents are important to an individual as it affects their confidence and attitude. Your weight doesn’t matter – you are alive and breathing; you should be happy.” 
The launch included a panel discussion where various topics such as nutrition during and after pregnancy, exercise and psychological issues concerning women were discussed by expert panellists including Dr Nadiadwala, Shwetha Bhatia, and Amita Quenim.
During the discussion, Quenim said, “Psychology and health are connected; weight problems may be caused due to various aspects, but nutrition and the right diet will solve the root of the problem. Nutrition is an important aspect in psychology. If you eat healthier food, it reduces anxiety and depression. If you work out for an hour, you will feel better for the rest of the hours in that day.” 
Nutritionist and owner of Gym & Tonic Shwetha Bhatia explained how vital nutrition is during pregnancy and post pregnancy while nurturing a young child. “Nutrition and exercise help women empower themselves. Everything that goes into an expecting mother’s system affects the child. The child is affected by the mother’s diet even after it is born, while they are nurtured,” she said.
Dr Nadiadwala has partnered with Bhatia who is now based in Goa. The partnership aims to empower women through nutrition and exercise plans, which is a step after the book. Bhatia is also a competitive fitness athlete, having won bronze medals at the state and national bodybuilding championships 2015. Her passion for fitness led her to start her fitness and nutrition centre in Panaji.  

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