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Finnair introduces direct flights from Helsinki to Goa

By on November 21, 2017
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Finnair introduces direct flights from Helsinki to Goa

The magical Northern Lights are now just a nine-hour flight from the sunny shores of Goa and for Rs. 69,000 you could also pay Santa Claus a visit in Rovaniemi in the Lapland region of Finland.

Finland’s national airline Finnair has introduced direct flights between Helsinki and Goa, the second destination in India after New Delhi to be directly connected by the carrier.
General manager for India operations Desmond Chacko said that with 6,000 Finnish citizens visiting Goa and the demand in charter operations, Finnair decided to operate scheduled flights to the state.
The airline expects the dominant business to come from residents of Finland along with air passengers from other Scandinavian countries 
and Russia.
“We were operating charters but this year we cancelled charters and converted to scheduled flights because of the demand,” said Chacko.
Between 2013-2015, arrivals at Finland stood between 21,000 to 25,000 but the numbers have shown a decline over the last few years. Goa Tourism foreign arrival statistics indicate that against the 23,787 Finnish tourists who arrived in 2012, the numbers were a measly 6,011 in 2016.
However, on an average Finland is the fifth largest contributor of foreign tourists to Goa. “It gets very cold during the winter in Finland, with temperatures dropping to sub-zero. Many people want to come to a warmer place and Goa is a very nice destination,” said senior vice president of Corporate Communication and Corporate Responsibility Arja Suominen.
The bi-weekly flights are expected to fly with a seat load factor or capacity of 70 per cent. The flights will operate until March 21, 2018, but the airline has not ruled out a continuation into the summer schedule given the demand.

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