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KTC launches electric bus in eco-friendly public transport move

By on February 21, 2018
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KTC launches electric bus in eco-friendly public transport move

The state government recently inaugurated an electric bus as part of its commitment to eco-friendly public transport. The bus will cover all main routes across the state in the first few weeks. It was flagged off from the Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTC) bus stand in Panaji by chief minister Manohar Parrikar.

On full charge, the bus is able to ply 250 kilometers, and is seen as a good fuel buffer for a state, where 18,000 litres of fuel is consumed daily by 535 buses. The electric bus is the second in the larger environment-friendly public transport policy with KTC experimenting with ethanol and bio gas as fuel.
KTC chairman Carlos Almeida said, “Most developed nations have completely moved to these models from petrol and diesel for public transport. We have been studying these proposals for a while. Now, all these will be put to test, and a  report of all the findings will be made. ”
Currently, the corporation is looking at a fleet of 50 electric buses if the business model is to work in Goa. Tickets are expected to remain the same for now. Almeida added, “The terrain in Goa is tricky and we have three hills in two major routes, plus our interiors have slopes. It needs to be seen if these models of different energy are able to pick up in such sections. The city and village lines are merged here so these geographical factors come into play.”
China, which has shown interest in supplying technical knowhow to India, has the largest public transport fleet running on electricity. Recently, Delhi also made a proposal for such a fleet, asking for global tenders. If it becomes successful in Goa, Almeida said they too will be looking for global tenders, and are also in touch with experts to study the bio gas model further.
“The primary objective is of safe environment and in Goa, the emphasis will be on the basis of what emits less pollution,” said Almeida.

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