Soothing the Burn

By on August 18, 2018
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Soothing the Burn

What to do to prevent urinary tract infection from disrupting your life

As a child, I recall the toilets of our sprawling joint family home being located a good 50 meters away from the main house. The place looked unhygienic, and was visited by the porcine community of our pets. It was considered ‘not a part’ of the home.

Similarly, many teenagers and many adults too treat their own urinary tract and genitals as ‘not a part’ of their body, seldom wash properly, and at times do not touch it for days, if not weeks. For young girls in this bracket, urinary tract infection (UTI) is constantly looming threat.

The rate at which it affects young girls is frequent, nay alarming. There are various reasons why urinary infections are common among them:

The female urethra is short. It is just 3.5-4cms long and the bacteria on the skin of the vulva can travel to the bladder very easily.

Collection of debris: Vaginal and cervical secretions, as well as secretions  from the Bartholins glands collect and dry up forming a nidus for bacterial growth. These bacteria can then travel to the urethra causing infection.

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