GTDC to hold 1st Goa Coconut & Cashew Festival 2014

By on May 03, 2014
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GTDC to hold 1st Goa Coconut & Cashew Festival 2014

In a bid to promote Goa’s indigenous produce and instill a sense of pride and ownership towards our unique horticultural heritage, the Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) is organising the first ‘Goa Coconut and Cashew Festival 2014’ in Panaji from May 21-25. Aptly described as the ‘Goan Experience in a Nutshell’, the festival aims to be an annual event in a league of its own, targeted towards preserving the Goan way of life.

Centered around two of Goa’s favorite indigenous crops that almost define the essence of its cuture – coconut and cashews, the festival will be a showcase of Goan cuisine, arts and crafts, presenting an opportunity for tourists to experience authentic culture and for the local population to connect with their roots.

Another important objective of the festival is to proclaim the special international status for Goan feni in the form of Geographical indicator (GI). Similar to GI for Scotch whiskey, cognac and champagne, a GI indicator is a certification, that a certain product corresponds to a specific town, region or country, and possesses certain qualities, has been made in a certain traditional method, or enjoys a reputation due to its geographical origin. 
Such an indicator helps protect a product against cheap substitution and cloning, apart from lending a certain advantage leading to premium pricing.With the objective of engaging everyone from foodies to connoisseurs of exotic spirits, local residents to tourists, the festival will also feature cooking demos and dishes centered on coconut and cashew, and feni cocktail making demos by Goa’s top cocktail bartenders. 

A unique edutainment module featuring innovative games based on the fruits, fun contests and competitions and cookery shows will be designed to bring the festival alive for every adult and child alike.

A stage modeled on Goan heritage homes, with performances featuring Goa’s best contemporary and traditional artists and dancers will entertain visitors. All in all, the festival promises to be a glittering tapestry of everything that makes Goa unique.

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