Ganesh Chaturthi in Goa

By on August 12, 2014
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Ganesh Chaturthi in Goa

Rohit R Phalgaonkar traces the history and colourful traditions of Ganesh Chaturthi in the state

Goa’s inimitable culture and styles of worship have created its current identity. There is strong fabric of communal harmony rarely seen elsewhere. 

While the Hindus pay respects to Catholic saints during festivities, many Catholics are seen seeking blessings at the temples of Lord Mangesh and Goddess Shantadurga during the annual ‘zatras’ (temple feasts). In some places the traditional ‘Shigmo’ festival of the Hindus begins with invocation of the ‘pir’ or ‘dargah’. Shigmo is a festival which heralds arrival of the spring and is celebrated with great joy all over Goa. Apart from religiosity, the festivals here are occasions of happiness and celebrations in Goan families. 
A festival which is eagerly awaited by all the Hindus is Ganesh Chaturthi. Lord Ganesh is deity of good omen and luck. He is invoked at the beginning of every auspicious function or occasion. No engagement or wedding invitation card would be complete without a picture of this deity printed on the top. 

He is also considered to be a deity possessing immense knowledge and wisdom. Rishi Vyas got the Mahabharat written from the hands of Lord Ganesh. Many of our elders say that ‘Shri Ganeshaayanmahaa’ were the first words their teachers taught them to write when they were children and their slates had to have these words inscribed on the top. 

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