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Pan Asian Bowl gets a new menu

By on October 14, 2014
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Pan Asian Bowl gets a new menu

The menu at Pan Asian Bowl, Miramar, which is a part of the hospitality division of the NRB Group is a tried and test one. So when Pan Asian Bowl added new chef Tek Babadur Somai to its kitchen, Senior General Manager of the restaurant, Rajan Kamat, knew it was time to revamp the popular menu to better leverage the new chef’s skills in Thai cuisine and offer its diners some new dishes to try out.

“All the new dishes have authentic Thai flavours, which our new chef is quite familiar with. Chef Somai has helped develop and standardise the menu. All our Thai dishes, including the sauces are made from scratch. 
We do not use any ready-made sauces,” says Kamat. 

The Senior General Manager had the challenging task of sourcing the ingredients. Currently, any ingredient that is not available locally is sourced from international distributors. Kamat adds, “We did an extensive study of 
the old menu and retained the most popular dishes from that line up so that our regular guests still have their favourite dishes.” 

The whole process of the revamp took about a month and there’s a host of new dishes to try out. For example, the starter, Sautéed Field Mushrooms has three mushroom types – shiitake, button and wood ear – each of which has their own unique texture that makes it a very interesting dish to sample. From the soups, two interesting additions include the Shangsi Crabmeat Soup, which is deceptive with its clear colour until the spicy notes of the soup build up on your palate. The Dragon and Phoenix soup will have you guessing about why it was named so, until you have tried it out.
Dumpling fans can rejoice as Pan Asian Bowl now serves seven different types of dumplings, including pork, spicy seafood, prawn, vegetable, lamb, chicken and chicken mandarin, each with a unique flavour. 
Among the main courses, the latest additions are the sizzlers like the Mongolian Style Chicken Breast or the Toban Fish Sizzler where one is served a whole deboned red snapper. Another interesting addition is the Bamboo Fried Rice, which has bamboo slices and wood ear mushrooms to add texture and a subtle flavour to the rice.

“We have retained our most popular dessert Daarsan with Vanilla Ice Cream. Our latest addition to the dessert menu, Sangkaya, is a delicious Thai custard with cream,” adds Kamat. 
The new menu has already received a good response from diners. “We find that tourists tend to prefer the sizzlers. Interestingly, the most popular dish among Goans from the new menu is the Thai Red Curry,” says Kamat. 

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