Into The Woods

By on April 15, 2016
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Into The Woods

Wild Woods Spa & Resort in Toodalli Village, Karnataka, is the kind of value-for-money getaway from Goa we could all do with, at regular intervals

It’s now the hot summer months when all you feel like doing is getting away. Truth be told, Goa offers exemplary hospitality, but all of it comes at a higher price when compared to other parts of the country. It’s the pinch that comes with being a top tourist destination. So how about going a bit further and discovering a real hideaway? Wild Woods Spa and Resort in Karnataka is the perfect spot.

This is what a nature resort truly looks like – none of your small herb gardens and tiny tree clusters scattered on parched lawns. Wild Woods Spa and Resort is almost a jungle hideaway 250kms away from Goa. Guests are so tied in with nature that it feels almost like it’s just you and the Earth, yet with most luxuries thrown in – down to your private plunge pool.

There is something very down-to-earth and passionate about K P Shetty, owner of Wild Woods Spa and Resort. Closely involved with everything that happens on site, he makes the 500km drive from where he lives in Bangalore to the hotel as nonchalantly as we would from Panaji to Margao. It is his immense love for nature – both flora and fauna – that is apparent throughout

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