First Goa-Mumbai luxury domestic cruise to set sail

By on October 19, 2018
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First Goa-Mumbai luxury domestic cruise to set sail

India’s first domestic cruise vessel Angriya will sail from Goa to Mumbai. It is named after Admiral Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre of the Maratha Navy And is owned by Angriya Sea Eagle Private Limited.

Passengers can choose from eight categories of rooms with amenities including high tea and meals.

Faclities include an infinity pool and a centre for children, two-level lounge, six themed bars and an exquisite spa.

Director of Angriya Sea Eagle Leena Kamat Prabhu said, “We are proud to announce the launch of Angriya – a voyage to remember. We conceptualised it years ago and are delighted to see it coming true. We intend to give our passengers a feel of the deep seas with the pleasures that nature offers. The cruise leaves early in the evening allowing one to see the sun set and rise under clear skies. This one is our first Indian domestic cruises between Mumbai and Goa.”

Captain Nitin Dhond added, “Angriya is a world-class vessel mapped to suit Indian needs. The cruise offers remarkable features and safety measures. Our vision is to fill an existing gap of utilising the coastal sea route and exploring the true treasures of the high seas. This ship draws inspiration from the government’s prestigious Sagarmala initiative. While we want to create awareness and appreciation for our rich marine life and cultural heritage, we also aim to give our passengers an incredible cruising experience through the infinity pool, rejuvenating spas and breath-taking decks”.

Ecologist Nirmal Kulkarni noted, “Angriya is committed to high environment standards. Our policies of fuel efficiency, marine environment safety and waste management meet worldwide standards. Our ship is dedicated towards showcasing and conserving the marine diversity of the Konkan coast, its rich history and culture. This is a unique opportunity for travelers on board to observe and marvel at sea turtles, pelagic birds and marine mammals like dolphins and porpoises in their natural environs alongside trained researchers.”

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