Believe in yourself… when no one else is putting the money on you!

By on July 25, 2019
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Believe in yourself…  when no one else is putting the money on you!

There are critics hailing his performance in ‘Kabir Singh’, and others who are appalled! But the film hit `100 crores faster than any other SHAHID KAPOOR film ever made; his first major success in years. In the midst of the controversial success, the actor speaks exclusively to VIVA GOA about the film and how he got under the character’s skin. By Shubarna Mukerji Shu

In just five days since its release, his latest role has become the centre of a whirlwind of controversy, critical acclaim and money spinning. Shahid Kapoor as the eponymous Kabir Singh has taken over cinemas nation-wide – including all in Goa, with the star receiving accolades for his method acting.

Kapoor has always painted a picture of the complete family man. He is the perfect guy who went onto marry the girl his parents chose for him, has two children and is a doting brother to his younger sibling, Ishaan Khatter. It doesn’t get more righteous than that.

Then he goes on to do Kabir Singh, a character one step forward from his depiction of Tejinder Singh in Udta Punjab because he is not only self-destructive, but is a menace to others too. From bossing around in the college campus to slapping his girlfriend, he is not averse to anything. This diametrically different character might have been Kapoor’s biggest challenge, but what does he have to say about the reactions around him?

How did you get into Kabir Singh’s character, given he is completely different from everything you stand for?

Firstly, I would have to mention here, that for me Kabir Singh was one of the greatest challenges I have faced as an actor. He is completely opposite of everything I am. I don’t drink, so it was tough for me to know what it feels like to be high and in that zone. Of course, as actors we learn to soak in other people’s experiences and make them our own.

It is not like I have not seen violence or been around intoxicated people. So I did manage to somehow get my body language correct. I grew my hair, I put on a little weight, etc, but all these were the simple aspects of getting into the character. What was tough was getting into the mind of the character. Kabir doesn’t think or behave like I do. I would never be that impulsive or aggressive. So for me to play it convincingly, I had to somehow justify it in my mind. 

That was tough. We have an ingrained way of reacting to situations and circumstances. Kabir’s ways are very different from normal. I have never had the opportunity to play an emotional arc, which has been so complete. Kabir Singh has that edginess and ruggedness that people associate with Tommy (Udta Punjab), Kaminey and maybe Haider. But the arc is much wider.

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