Savitri: The ideal Indian wife

By on September 20, 2017
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Savitri: The ideal Indian wife

Governor Dr Mridula Sinha writes to her daughter about the mythological tale of Satyawan and Savitri

My loving daughter Mili,

God bless you!

I am currently searching for a suitable match for you, and therefore, looking into various aspects of matchmaking. Looking for a perfect partner by the girl’s family is not new for our country. It is one of the eight types of marriages accepted by our ancient scriptures. 
The marriages in which the woman selects her husband were called “swayamvar”. Only women had the right to select their life partner. This means that society accepted a woman’s decision-making and her intellect.
If parents are searching for a prospective groom, they match the age, horoscope, financial stability, and equality of families, caste, and several other facts. In this respect, matching horoscopes and caste is not at all orthodox. Match making based on scientific causes consider many aspects, and they accept norms set by Indian sages and sociologists.
It is saddening that youngsters these days are no longer taught about the pure women from our ancient culture like Sita, Anusuiya, Draupadi and Mandodari, neither in schools nor at home. They are unaware about the importance of purity for a woman, as if talking about it is orthodox and a crime. If someone called a woman pure, she will be annoyed and think that she is being mocked. 
I have always been attracted towards the folk stories of Sati and Savitri. Savitri is one of the greatest women of all time; the level of her reasoning and rationale is still untouched by women of today. Every parent must strive to create her personality in their daughters, and they must feel proud on such daughters. I have cherished the story of Savitri and Satyawan for my entire lifetime.

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