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By on March 27, 2021
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Woman’s fight for equality is an ongoing battle that sees pieces of victory with each passing day. It is our duty to honour them

The famous shloka of ancient legal text Manusmriti places women at the epitome of honour. It says, “Where women are honoured, divinity blossoms.” Women are empowered to create the world; their power of procreation deserves respect and reverence. Their humility up holds values and prosperity. Yet, the patriarchal world denounces their equality and exhibits dominance over them.

Worldwide, women have been suppressed to a second category after men; be it equality of honour, avenues, access to the society, opportunity or even wages. Women everywhere have a history of a long struggle for equality. They have fought for their right and proved their mettle to shoulder responsibilities in a befitting manner in all spectra of life.

Women have proved to be the best in every field that is clouded with male dominance. They have not only shouldered the responsibility at home, but also shown their valour at the frontier. Today women are flying fighter jets and have even reached space. They have proved that they have the same acumen and guts as their male counterparts. Thanks to their perseverance and continued struggle for equality worldwide, they have been able to spread their wings.

From 1910 in Denmark when the plight of women was first heard to 1977 when the United Nations recognised the struggle and announced March 08 as International Women’s Day, it is their achievement that is an addition to women’s social, economic, cultural and political opportunities.

The plight of women in Indian parlance is not very different from the other parts of the world and therefore, the government has initiated several measures to empower women through education and financial inclusion. We as bankers are at the helm of government policy execution and pioneer implementing them in true spirit.

During their education, banks extend necessary financial support as education loans at lower rates compared to those offered to a male child to pursue their studies. Further, to increase their presence in industry, women entrepreneurs are supported with business loans of `10 lakh to `1 crore for greenfield projects under the government’s flagship programme of Stand Up India.

To inculcate a saving habit and nurturing the skills of rural women with sustainable bread-winning, banks extend micro finance to women in self-help groups under priority lending. Such financial inclusion of women provides them monetary independence which gives them a sense of self-reliance and abundant joy, transforming the society and the world into a better place.

During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, women were at the forefront with a great sense of service and compassion, healing humanity. Let's bestow our reverence to women power by acknowledging and enabling their equal participation in public life and decision-making. Let's come out of the rigid stereotypes and celebrate their success.

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