Quitters Win

By on March 26, 2018
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Quitters Win

Clearing the air on diseases caused by smoking

We were nostalgic as we walked the grounds of the school we had studied in more than 50 years ago.

The soil had a distinctive aroma that made me ecstatic and I touched it, something that was tread upon

by my ancestors too.

As I fondly caressed it, I was stunned to find cigarette butts. As I walked further, I was sadly greeted by

dozens of cigarettes butts. The trail led me to a shed from which music was emitting at a deafening


There was a school-leaving party at which only 30 per cent of the class was present as the rest did not

smoke and were

not invited.

The room was darkened with window shades and had all the makings of a night club. There was music,

dancing lights and a haze caused by cigarette smoke. Everyone was dancing in a frenzy and alcohol was

being poured in streams.

The height, weight and expressions of most Class 10 students here were those of a grown adult. Two

minutes in and I realised that prolonged exposure would result in a severe need for oxygen, as music

and smoke had left very little scope for fresh air to enter.

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