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By on March 09, 2016
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Women today juggle multiple roles and responsibilities, often putting their health and fitness on the back burner. Celebrate being a woman this month with these top tips and tricks to stay fit and healthy

des to women have been written aplenty over the centuries. Women have been put on a pedestal and dragged down with as much ease. They are the envy of one half of the world’s population and the subject of gossip of the other half! And all because they have the tendency to put everyone before themselves.

It is bliss to see that women today are more educated, have career goals and are placed with excellent jobs. But the one aspect that they ignore is their health. With umpteen tasks – professional, personal and household – often preventing women from sticking to their fitness endeavours, it isn’t surprising that the enthusiasm which pushes them to get into shape fizzles out within a matter of weeks. A few tricks are all it takes to keep women thinking and being proactive about their health.

Change your exercise routine

If motivation is your hang-up, change your exercise routine every fortnight. Research has indicated that people who modify their workouts twice a month are more likely to stick to their plans compared to those who change their regimens after longer intervals.

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