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By on November 21, 2018
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The festive season is here to stay for the next couple of months. Here are a few tips to avoid piling on the pounds

estivals are a time for celebration with family and friends. They are also the perfect occasion for an assortment of sweets, traditional festive food and parties. As people visit relatives and friends, they are served a variety of snacks and sweets, and it is not surprising to find that one has gained a few kilos as a result.

This is because we tend to consume 50 per cent more calories while socialising. So how can we prevent this weight gain? The answer is sensible eating. Here are a few tricks.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you do not need to deprive yourself. Enjoy all your favourite food, but in small portions. Do not go overboard. Remember portion control is the key to preventing weight gain during or post 

a festival.

No festival is complete without sweets. Make them healthier by preparing them at home using condensed milk instead of mava or khoya and ghee. Condensed milk eliminates the need to use extra sugar. Alternatively try fresh fruit or dry fruit (date, fig or prune) purées to reduce the sugar content in sweets and desserts.

Instead of using sugar, try  jaggery, particularly coconut palm jaggery or madachem godd to prepare sweets. Jaggery is more nutritious as it provides us with valuable minerals, such as iron and calcium in addition to sugar. Instead of using maida to prepare savoury snacks, such as nevris, chaklis, shankarpalis, etc., try using multigrain flour. It has higher protein, vitamin and mineral content and contains valuable dietary fibre.  

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