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By on January 07, 2020
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Goa Tourism State level marketing & promotional committee member and businessman Nandan Kudchadkar delves into the thought process of Minister Michael Lobo

Michael Lobo and Nandan Kudchadkar are well-known individuals in Goa. They share a unique bond, and are much more than friends, advisors and well-wishers to each other.

Lobo is the cabinet minister for Science & Technology and Waste Management, while Kudchadkar is the owner of LPK night club and a member of the state-level marketing and promotional committee of Goa Tourism (SLMPC).

As a close associate, Kudchadkar was keen to know Lobo’s thoughts about his personal and public life. VIVA GOA curated an exclusive interview of Michael Lobo; only this time the questions were asked by his dear friend Nandan. This is how the conversation went about:

Kudchadkar: What is your vision 2020 for Goa?

Lobo: There are two important things that I want to focus on in 2020 to improve Goa’s economy. Firstly, Goans have to be self-sufficient. For this, there are many things we need to work on. Agriculture will take time to revive. We need to put our youth back in Goa’s oldest tradition that was  the backbone of its economy.

Secondly, we need to revive Goa’s tourism. We need to understand the industry’s problems and work on solutions.

Goa is not presented well. It has so much to offer but we have been only promoting its beaches. We have natural habitats and wildlife sanctuaries that can be developed along the lines of the Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan. We don’t need to build hotels in eco-sensitive areas but can promote them as eco-tourism spots while abiding by  environmental norms. We have villagers in Sanguem and Netravali who are employed as wildlife wardens but their expertise is not being used effectively.

Tourism is a major contributor to Goa’s economy. If we do not improve the industry, the government will not have money to even pay  salaries. With the right opportunities, we can bring about a positive change.

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