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Brick by Brick

By on April 25, 2017
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Brick by Brick

Slowly but steadily, Sunaina Gera, project director at Gera Developments Pvt Ltd & CEO of Gridlines LLP, has broken barriers in the male-dominated profession of construction

It is true that construction is one of the last frontiers for women at work, but not for Sunaina Gera. She left no stone unturned when it came to being a successful businesswoman leading a balanced life as builder, designer, project director, mother, wife and more.

Her work ethic is a strong example of challenging stereotypes. An interior designer by profession, she joined Gera Development at its low point, quickly changing the numbers at the bottom of the balance sheet and bringing warmth to the working environment.

Gera also began her own architectural company Gridlines LLP, which is currently working on a whopping 3.6 million square foot project, a phenomenal achievement in their first year.
VIVA GOA asks Sunaina Gera about her perseverance and convention-busting attitude.

What is driving the current boom in real estate market? What are the main factors influencing this growth?
To be honest, pan India there is not much of a boom. Developers are complaining that there is no growth, as demonetisation and other factors have caused a lot of havoc in the market.

The boom is isolated to those playing it clean and straight. So if you’re working in a field where transactions are all clean and if you have quality products, you’re delivering on time, you’re being innovative, then it works out. But a large part of the market is not really surviving.

For Gera Developments this has been a good year, just as last year. So we have no complaints. But I am not sure other developers will agree.

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