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By on May 08, 2015
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Sports apparel company Adidas recently opened its third India brand centre in Panaji. Adidas India's Brand Director DAMYANT SINGH KHANURIA talks to VIVA GOA more about the company's plans for Goa

Damyant Singh Khanuria, brand director of Adidas India, is a man with a mission – to uphold the diversity of sports and foster training and development for the young players of Panaji. 
He tells us about the installation of the new state-of-the-art Adidas brand centre in the hub of the city and discusses his future plans of holding sporting events in association with the brand.

Tell us more about the concept of the brand centre...
A brand centre is a characteristic representation of Adidas as a brand in all its glory. It is typically of a certain size, scale and representation of various sports categories that we have. 
After Delhi and Hyderabad, we’ve expanded our horizons to Goa with our third brand centre in terms of the scale brand positioning.

Why did you choose Goa over other metros where the one would expect higher footfalls? Also, why did you choose Panaji over the other bustling ‘beach’ cities of the state?
Goa sometimes underestimates its own potential and I believe it has a lot working for it chiefly for a brand like ours, when it has such a splendid heritage in the field of sports. 
The street culture in Goa is extremely strong; people in Goa are inspired by sport and imbibe the language of sports in their daily wear as well. Therefore, what we term street culture is again something which is indispensable in Goa.

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