By on May 17, 2016
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Jogging can help you overcome most of the downs in life with grace and enjoy the ups with dignity; it is the elixir of healthy living

he enthusiasm for jogging is spreading like a viral fever in society and it is heartening to sometimes see all members of a family jogging together. They participate in small or big marathons and it gives them tremendous satisfaction of physical activity, mental energy, the joy of mixing with other runners and jogging in front of the media. From September to January, every Sunday plays host to a marathon event happening around the world.

The Surge
There is no doubt that people have become health conscious. Junk food and bad habits, which have caught the fancy particularly of the young, are the main culprits behind poor physical and mental health at a time when the longevity of life in increasing due to progress in medicine.
It will soon not be a surprise to see several people in the neighbourhood who are 100 years or older in just 10 years’ time. Given this bonus of longevity, people are now extremely worried that they could be bedridden by following their current lifestyle. They are right. The whole purpose of life is to live long in a contended, satisfied and healthy way.
So why jog? Jogging is a challenge which most people accept with love. For many, the love is to maintain good health, for others it is the love for distance and for some it is a matter of speed. But for all, it is a matter of will and spirit. Fun is not commonly associated with a marathon, but the sport offers much more joy, opportunity to mingle with nature, achieve endurance, gain concentration and, as a finisher, the sense of achievement is so great that it is not seen in any other sport.

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