How to handle a hernia

By on October 12, 2016
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Hernias are not immediately life threatening - they can either go away on their own or may require surgery to prevent dangerous complications

By definition, hernia means the ‘exit’ of an organ from the place where it is normally located. Most commonly, the hernia we hear of is the protrusion of abdominal content though a weakness in the abdominal wall.
The most common hernias are:
= Inguinal – direct or indirect
= Umbilical
= Incisional
= Femoral
= Hiatus

Why discuss hernias?
Hernias are pretty common and though no one talks about it, almost 30 per cent of males and five per cent of females suffer from one sometime in their lives.

In the most common cases, abdominal content such as intestines, the colon or omentum protrudes through a defect (often described as the neck of the hernia). If the neck is wide and elastic, the hernia – though large – may not be dangerous (direct inguinal hernia), as compared to femoral hernia when the neck may constrict viscera and result in avascular damage (strangulation) requiring emergency, lifesaving surgery.

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