A hidden history revealed

By on March 22, 2017
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Tivim in north Goa has much more to it than its famous railway station. The village has a piece of history in every nook and corner with unsung forts, chapels, temples and fables

As one drives along the main road from Tivim to Mapusa, a striking church to the right draws the eye. It is dedicated to St Christopher as evidenced by a large statue at the gate. The church celebrates the feast of its patron saint in July, when after mass, one can witness a large congregation in the compound – not of people, but of vehicles, from buses and trucks, private cars and two-wheelers.

Locals believe that St Christopher, the patron saint of all travellers, always steers the wheel of their vehicles. On his feast, people from far and wide come with unshakable faith to have their vehicles blessed. These include people from other faiths as well.

The priest also encourages the family to stand near the vehicle to receive the blessing and protection of the saint. In Goa, it is customary to have a picture of this saint on one’s vehicle, mostly in form of a sticker, invoking his protection while travelling. It is believed that St Christopher, having the build of a giant, would serve as a human ferry and help people cross a turbulent river by seating them on his shoulders, making him the patron saint of travellers.

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