Superstitious Shenanigans!

By on September 20, 2017
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A variety of illogical beliefs and the famous folks who believed in them

Even though I consider myself an intellectual, I must admit to falling into the Superstition Trap on occasion. It consists of a totally illogical set of beliefs which collapse into a heap of nonsensical balderdash if you hold them up to rational scrutiny. Unfortunately, these ridiculous notions are programmed into our psyche during our youth and adolescence through constant repetition by all and sundry till they embed themselves firmly into our cerebral database — to surge forth when a situation arises. And to get rid of them, you virtually have to summon the exorcist — or a good shrink!
My extremely pragmatic Hindu husband has tried to wean me away from them — but with difficulty. They lurk furtively in the back of my head, ready to pop up like wicked demons. For example, when I see a black cat ambling down the road, I stop in my tracks and refuse to let it to cross my path. And I never walk under a ladder, I’m not even sure why not. Short of slipping and falling on my head if I carelessly brush up against it, I cannot imagine what bad consequences this could bring. And if a mirror breaks, I am encoded to believe that I will experience seven years of bad luck. Since I have witnessed the cracking of more than seven mirrors during my lifetime, I calculate that the bad luck should be enduring, even as I write. But life has been pretty good thus far, so thumbs down to all those damaged mirrors.
I was relieved to learn that I am not the only intellectual who falls prey to such drivel. Nobel Prize laureates and leaders of nations, whom I have conversed with during my career at Newsweek magazine, recall these crazy myths over a cup of tea or a meal after an interview session has been completed. And we all laugh heartily about our knee-jerk reactions.  

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