By on October 12, 2016
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A response to Deepti Kapoor who recently wrote in British newspaper The Guardian that she was leaving Goa after eight years as it is ‘an idyll no more’

Dear Ms Kapoor,
If I may take a few liberties, I wish to call you an Eden-searcher. And on that note, let me write a little adieu to you, dear Ms Kapoor, who is choosing to leave Goa (cue the tears?).
I am beside myself to understand why you chose not to make Goa your house (because quite clearly you never made it your home, else you would have understood matters better). But why, oh why, did you choose to leave wherever it was that you were residing before coming here?
I am not leaving Goa. You know why? Because I did not come to this Eden eight years ago to study yoga, leaving some other Eden behind once it had done its bit for you. I am digging my heels deeper, in those same sands of the sea, which Manu from Mexico calls filthy.
There are people who do not go city-hopping, forget country-hopping, as and when a better Eden beckons. And you know why? Because, they have the inner strength to want to improve matters, not leave them hanging and move elsewhere,
even when they may have the financial resources.

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