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By on December 23, 2017
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Golden tips for effective management at the office

Spirituality at the work place essentially means working in the right spirit. For many, the workplace is like a war zone where one is fighting many internal and external battles. Colleagues are divided into friends and enemies, changing parties almost randomly. It seems that war strategies are scheming in every mind, from the clerk to the boss, with an aim to pin you down.
However, sometimes the war is totally internal, with you trying to push yourself to perform. In such an atmosphere, what should a tired untrained warrior do to be peaceful yet make a fulfilling and meaningful contribution at work?
Imagine your workplace as an external projection of what is virtually being stimulated in the screen of your mind. By reprogramming the visuals in the gaming environment, you will find your workplace changing from a stimulated war field of conflict and hatred to a creative art gallery where each one is exhibiting his/her talent for the benefit of others and the organisation.
Here are some reprogramming tips that may help you achieve that objective by changing the way you perceive multiple internal and external battles (challenges) where you work.
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