Possession Obsession

By on February 21, 2018
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Possession Obsession

Focus on qualitative accumulation and be satiated with what we have

At every corner of your house, do you see possessions  you have needlessly accumulated or ones you actually need? Is shopping a need or a hobby? Today’s ‘retail therapy’ spans undertakings from window shopping to tracking discount sales, international expos, free gift offers, etc, filling not just cupboards, but also mental space.
Perhaps two characters from the Mahabharata have precious wisdom to share with us in this regard.
Drona’s son Ashwathama was what you would call a shopping freak. He owned a rare jewel as an adornment because of which he had no need to be afraid of enemies, no disease would ever bother him, hunger and thirst would never subjugate him and no living being could harm him.
Though he knew the effect of the jewel, he never really believed it to be effective and had no confidence in its performance. He would sheepishly run to his father for protection at the sight of imminent danger. It was like a high-end mobile phone in the hands of a gadget-ignorant person. A good showpiece with little pragmatic use!
He loved to gather things that made him feel secure. What he desired, he thought he deserved. Like an adamant child, he demanded and coerced his father to bestow him the Brahmastra, the most powerful missile in the world. Remember, if you desire what you deserve, it will come to you. But if you desire what you don’t deserve, you will run after it.

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