The month of good tidings

By on March 29, 2018
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The month of good tidings

March gives blossom to the divine feminine in us with changes

March heralds the coming of spring. It may be hot in Goa, but the energy of spring is all around. This season is a breath of fresh air, a feeling of lightheartedness, of renewal and liveliness.

In spring, just as the earth renews itself, old projects suddenly get a new lease of life, things start to look up and there is a skip in your step. It is the time for blossoming and you will find that creativity blooms within as well. 

March is a month of changes. You may find that situations and circumstances occur that lead you away from your desired path or goal. This deviation is actually part of the divine plan for you.

If there are delays, don’t force the issue. Let it sort itself out with minimal interference from you. You don’t need to let anyone take advantage or stop yourself from expressing your feelings in a situation. However, trust that what is happening will ultimately be the right thing for you. 

These changes may take you away from existing relationships or partnerships. Understand that this too is a good thing. You (and they) need to grow and space is needed for roots and branches to spread. 

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