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By on March 06, 2019
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It’s the age of the new woman – strong, independent, fearless. Despite the stereotypes and challenges still clinging to women who choose to strike out on their own, the defiance is resounding. Goa has attracted many women choosing their own paths out of their cocoons. VIVA GOA spoke to women from both abroad and within India who have made Goa their home, breaking away from successful careers in their home-states to live their dreams in beautiful Goa

Imagine leaving your comfort zone hundreds of miles away, your home, family and friends, that perfect life in the big city and moving to a quiet place where time often seems to stand still.

A million questions run through the mind: Will my career take off in a new place? Where will I stay? Which areas are safe? What will be the community be like? Will I find a good support system? And most importantly, will the place feel anything like home?

For women in India today, these questions are pertinent. Blood curdling news reports of crimes against women play tricks with the mind and can put the stop on anyone’s plan of moving to a place far from home.

But there are many inspiring women who have found their ‘home’ in this beautiful coastal state and built successful careers from scratch, far from those comfort zones. Their strength is their determination and love for Goa that pushed them to establish a name for themselves. They were not without concern. There was the underlying fear of not being accepted by the locals, the skeptism of whether Goa had the 

much-needed resources to make their business plans successful.

Despite all of this, they chose to stay in Goa for its laid-back nature: the susegado life amid the sun, sand and sea. Goa, although commercially known as the party hub of India, has more than what meets the eye. Its charm extends beyond its beaches. It is hard not to get lost in the beauty of this little state.

Goa’s tropical weather draws many, particularly expats. The culture, locals and cuisine all simply add to its charm. The monsoons bring out a different kind of beauty, shrouding Goa in greenery.

It is nothing like India’s other states. Life here is simply different.

Graduates looking for a job turn their sights to bigger cities for higher pay and ‘better opportunities’. The trending view is that fledgling 

careers will stagnate in Goa, leading to a kind of exodus of young people. These circumstances make it difficult for business ventures to find reliable manpower.

But from the outside, the view is opposing. An increasing number of people are moving to Goa and setting up their businesses while cashing in on the undiscovered potential here. 

Goa seems ideal for creative minds with its natural beauty, slow-paced life and space.

Many women are among these, heading to Goa to set up a new life here, loving the state for all its flaws and beauties. Despite the challenges, they found the strength to leap over the hurdles and stand out in their careers.

These women give out a strong message: to aim, to achieve your goals, to never give up, to be determined, to be rebellious, to show that yes ,women can do it. 

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