The system

By on December 02, 2015
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A one man play written by Miles Lobo and directed by Ashwini Giri.

The play takes the Shinto/Buddhism (religions practiced in Japan) ideology and gives it a twist of science fiction inspired by a Japanese urban folktale of the ghost of Hanako the story is of a man who encounters the Hanako and is cursed into a limbo. Does the man truly deserve his punishment? Is he truly just a victim? Was it his fate to be cursed by a ghost? Can one truly control fate? These are some of the philosophical ideas that this piece raised. A truly complex story that will leave you asking for more.
Miles Lobo from Goa wrote and acted in this one man show. We managed to get a question answered after the performance.

What made you come up with a story like this?
Science fiction was the main hook that put my pen to paper. It was something that I had never been able to do on stage. Being a young actor I wanted to be able to blend a Hollywood sci-fi concept with deep philosophical ideas of fate, afterlife and destiny. The hope was to cater to both young and older audiences.
The system is a one man play with a runtime of 30 minutes it was a truly unique experience at times thrilling and at times horror. A very new age piece which was very well received. 

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