The MUSIC in the rain

By on February 04, 2014
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Rajendra Talak’s latest film ‘A Rainy Day’ uses just the sounds of the rain for its background sounds. For this, he got Oscar-winning sound editor Resul Pookutty of Slumdog Millionaire fame to get the right effects

A lot of films today rely heavily on its background music to set the right atmosphere for its scenes, whether suspense or drama or even action, so when a film comes along with only the sounds of the rain to set the mood for its scenes, it makes one sit up and take notice. It was this unique feature that got Oscar winning sound designer, sound editor and mixer Resul Pookutty of Slumdog Millionaire fame, who is also known for his work in Bollywood hit films like Black, Saawariya, Ghajini, and Ra.One to sign up for Rajendra Talak’s Marathi/Konkani film ‘A Rainy Day’.

“Mr Talak had visited me almost a year before he began shooting. I was intrigued by the idea of a film with no music, only sound. Of course, no music does not mean no musicality. The rain plays main part in the film when it comes to sound and the film is written around the sounds of the rain and it is an integral part of the film. As a sound editor, a project like this is the biggest pleasure, says Pookuty.

Pookutty personally visited the locations where the film was to be shot. He recorded 50-60 different kinds of sounds of the rain which were then mixed and matched to create the final score for the film as the rain had to evoke emotions in the film.

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