Goan actor Miles Lobo spreads Indian Culture in The U.S.

By on November 01, 2018
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Wherever you go in the world, you will find an Indian community. It’s the same in New York, the hub of business corporates and performing artists. In this vibrant New York City, there are movements of cross-country cultural exchanges.


No matter the present situation of the Trump presidency, which seems unkind to immigrants, there are commendable activities happening in the city, which bring the city human harmony. Indians also are the ones that contribute to this human harmony. And how wonderful to see Miles Lobo, an actor from Goa, taking part in this performance, “Ramaavan”, by award-wining Surati For Performing Arts Organization in New York.


“Ramaavan" is Surati’s most ambitious project yet! This play which initially started as a yearly telling of the classic Ramayana by a non-profit organization in Jersey City, has now transformed. The team decided to pull all the stops this year. The show was truly a celebration of the arts! A fusion filled musical brought together by opera singers, jazz, martial arts, dance and drama. Masterfully choreographed and Directed by Rimli Roy. The Ramaavan is a take on the Indian classical epic, but told in a very different way. As the title suggests there are now two protagonists Ram and Ravan. This adaptation shows a very human side of King Ravan, instead of the cliché Demon king antagonist. Ravan is now a king trapped in a tragedy, self-aware and having no choice but to do the things that he does. 


The one who brought this character to life is actor Miles Lobo from Goa! He was initially called onto the team as a fight choreographer but fell for the character and decided to audition. Miles has worked with Surati for three years, initially playing Laksman in the 2016 production and acting only as choreographer in 2017. “Classical dance may not have been my strongest suit, but I hope my combat work made up for that,” Miles says humbly, and Boy did him. Thanks to his performance we witnessed the death of a strong noble and wise king who plays the part of the demon in order to honor his sister and the kingdom of Lanka. His work truly embraced the beauty of a tragedy.


Staring: Kabir Berri (Ram) Miles Lobo (Ravan) Uma Paranjpe( Sita) Eamon Yates (Lakshman) Jason George (Hanuman) Katelyn Caffrey and Briana Velazquez (Surpanaka) Lindsay Erin (Jatayu) Galit Mor (Opera singer)

Dancers: Ashwin Kumar Alisha Desai Imani Gaston Vidhya Dinesh



Surati for Performing Arts is tristate area’s award-winning and premiere 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization that tours nationally and internationally with their concerts and eclectic staged productions. With roots in India and Indian culture, Surati educates, highlights and showcases primarily Indian performing arts, themes, stories and festivals often creating significant partnerships, arts-in-education and fusion works with other cultures


Rimli Roy   is an award-winning artist, educator, arts ambassador, director, producer and the Founder & Artistic Director of premier tri-state area nonprofit Surati for Performing Arts. Rimli creates traditional, contemporary and fusion works inspired by Indian art, culture, festivals and stories. Rimli’s strength in dance lies in her new and innovative concepts, themes and choreography. 


Ramaavan stage was held at The Art Theatre in Jersey City,  from 24th to 27th. October 2018.

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