By on August 22, 2014
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It has been quite a while since I saw a play, which filled the theatre with such a grand applause by the audience in Pune.

Directed by Bollywood’s actor, Chittaranjan Giri.  The story is about a Chinese Monk trying to travel through India in 1947, during the period  of  Independence. The monk on a heartbreaking pilgrimage to visit Buddhas hometown and meditate under the sacred tree. The story tells of the struggles he faced in a culture that is alien to him.

Miles Lobo (Monk Wangchu) played the lead role. This was his first time to take lead in the Hindi rendition. However, he transformed himself into a real monk who follows his destiny. Miles comments "I was very lucky to have director Giri who pointed me in the right direction and this play made me not only learn what I could do as an actor, but also how much more I still need to develop within myself”.

Co-stars Zubin Kethani, Satish Kumar, Vignesh Shivasubramaniam and Akansha Chauhan also did amazing jobs of their characters, truly commendable. Music by Nitin Murlikrishna transformed the story into a spiritual labyrinth. Overall, “ Wangchu" captured the audience mind spiritually and emotionally. Pune, the cultural hub of Maharashtra, looks forward to see the growth of these young actors.

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