Adinco Distilleries launches new Feni ‘Tinto’

By on February 17, 2020
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Adinco Distilleries, a well-known Goan liquor company situated at Cotombi, Quepem launched their new Feni ‘Tinto’ in an innovative way at Joseph bar, Panjim. The bar was taken over by professional bartenders of Adinco Distilleries and a variety of mouth-watering Feni cocktails were served to the select connoisseurs and special invitees. ‘Tinto’ received big thumbs up from all and sundry.

‘Tinto’ would be available throughout Goa as well as other parts of the country. The bottle of 500 ML would cost Rs. 500/- Tinto is packed in a handmade cute ceramic bottle with dimples bringing back the times.

Adinco is a multi-spirit boutique distillery which prides itself in producing alcoholic bevarages of best quality. The company as formally established in 1970 and the production unit was set up in 2000.

Solomon Diniz the Managing Director of the company said ‘Recognizing the need to create distinct identity in the global alcohol market, we concentrated our efforts on creating unique brands. With uncompromising quality at the core of everything that we do, one of our strategic priorities was to add exotic premium categories to our portfolio’.

He further added ‘Through continuous research we have refined our processes across our blending, maturation and bottling stages. Drawing equally on tradition & innovation, at the heart of every creation lays the careful selection of highest quality ingredients ranging from herbs, fruits, spices, extracts & essential components that go into making of the perfect blend’.

Adinco Distilleries produces various types of spirits like Feni, Whiskeys, Brandys, Vodkas, Wines & Liqueurs. Their brands are Premium cashew (Feni), Old Oak & Gilmore 18 select (Whiskeys), Baudin VSOP, Montrel VSOP & Colonial FX VSOP (Brandys), Jazz Blue Curacao (Vodka), Vasco da Gama (Port wine) and Ti Connie, Peachy, Sambuca, Triple Sec, Voodoo Classique Cream & Cabo White Rum with Coconut (Liqueurs).

With the growing culture of social drinking and evolving tastes Adinco’s brands have gained welcome acceptance in India’s booming social class. With the promise of excellent quality & taste in every drop and a notable portfolio of diverse blends the company is well set to enter into a new era as it opens its doors to newer markets.

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