Gaurav Awasthi

By on November 25, 2020
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IIT JEE (Advance) & BITSAT top scorer

Goa has been seeing a rise in young achievers making it big at national-level entrance tests. Gaurav Awasthi is one such star from Goa who recently secured top scores in the state, beating previous records.

Awasthi, a student of Cujira-based Mushtifund Aryaan Higher Secondary School, recently broke the record for highest BITSAT and IIT JEE (Advance) scores by a Goan. He has cleared the path to at least three sought-after IITs in Madras, Kanpur and Kharagpur.

VIVA GOA talks to him about the preparation for the exam and the driving force behind his success.

Your strategy for the exams...

Was to only emphasise on enjoying academics, putting in my best every day and taking some time out to unwind. Revising all the topics periodically and answering as many mock tests as possible helps a lot.

Your preparation for the exams...

Studying at Mushtifund Aryaan Higher Secondary School, I’ve never really had to worry too much about whether I’m headed in the right direction or not. Our teachers make us solve previous years’ questions in class, and the tests conducted regularly give us a good indication of our strengths and weaknesses. I paid attention in class, tried to stay up to date and put in some hours of self-study every day.

Balancing work with time off...

I obviously had to spend more time studying than I did before 11th grade, but I tried to balance my studies with other activities. I regularly took breaks and watched movies, spoke to friends, and played board games with my sister.

Your extracurricular activities...

I took part whenever possible. I participated in the debates on Annual Day, and represented my school in various quizzes, with themes ranging from science to economics and business.

The secret of your success...

I don’t think there are any secrets. I only followed the advice my teachers and seniors gave me – just go with the flow, pay attention in class, and make sure you’re always up to date. Consistency is key.

Your plans for the future...

I’m not someone who has a very clear plan of where they’re headed – I like to make it up as I go along. I just want to do something of social value, because I think the end goal of any scientific endeavour is to benefit society and change it for the better.

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