Law of the Universe

By on November 24, 2020
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Finding your inner self is as important as finding the cure to a pandemic

With our experience during this pandemic, it becomes important to take stock of things from our lives. The universe has certain laws. Understanding them brings freedom, love, and peace. If we study it carefully, we cannot but be spellbound by the miracle of the universe.

The universe is one’s consciousness, manifesting its essence in everything. There is a beginning and an end to everything. In Sanskrit, the words are utpatti, sthithi and laya.

If one goes against universal will, it leads to pain and suffering. We continually have our attachments and false conceptions of ego, riding ourselves on a false notion that the world revolves around us.

There has to be some kind of surrendering. We are oblivious of our own thoughts. We have learnt certain things in school, from parents and teachers, friends and well-wishers. With all this, we have developed a line of thought by building our own image of universal consciousness.

You may have built it in your imagination or reality. As long as you do not let go of your material, intellectual, emotional and spiritual possessions, and give away all that contributed in the thought process, there is no true surrender.

This will require a total break, from the past. It may be disturbing and painful in the beginning, for we have accumulated the past with great efforts. We have infinite memories and have committed to safeguarding it in our lives. These false notions – which are a product of the past – define us, and keep us bounded.

In Shiv Sutras, Lord Shiva starts with saying dnyanam bandaha, which means knowledge is bondage. Now, if you give up knowledge, it will mean denying your very being and existence.

It will be life changing and a new way of life, a new beginning by being in the present everywhere yet with nobody. You reach a stage where you are nothing, you need nothing, you want nothing and you are all within yourself and the universe exists within you.

You are walking into the unknown, having a great escape from yourself with a quest for the self, but with this you are certainly on the path to free your ‘self’.

Once you realise this ‘self’, everything takes care of itself. You learn to live by the truth and intrinsically reach things with a focused approach. You then realise that you were living an illusion and in ignorance all along. In the process, you learn the art of flowing with the universe as one, and this will make you a master of your action. The universe is perfect. Everything is in this universe and the universe is one and this one is all.

We will realise that there is one universe, one creation, and we are the totality. You are out of the dual equation and you are all set to experience the magic of creation, which is an absolute concept.

The universe, in order to maintain equilibrium, nurtures change constantly so that its absolute concept of perfection is not lost. The universe is intelligent and runs everything perfectly. It will take care of you as it takes care of all it is, and as the supreme intelligence plans and does things. So there is a plan for you as you are a part of the universe, provided we have at least learnt, if not mastered, the art of flowing with it.

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