The Art I Carry With Me

By on September 10, 2015
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The Art I Carry With Me

Goa was her flame, and she the moth. After years of globe-trotting, England’s Dionne Tassi found a place she loved, where she could feed her passion for tattoos

She was only eight on her first trip to Goa, but even by then Dionne Tassi had seen a host of different countries. Her travel-loving family had been everywhere from Jamaica to Indonesia, and decided to try Goa in 2000.

“It was like no other place we had been. We loved it for many reasons and kept coming back for longer and longer until we were living here for six months of the year,” she recalls. Travel has a way of widening perceptions and boosting creativity, and Tassi has absorbed as much as she could on every trip wherever it has been.

The knowledge is evident with the roaring success of Inkfidel, a tattoo shop she runs with artist Duncan Viegas in Assagao.

With a deep connection to Goa for the past 15 years, her relationship with this little state that would become her home changed. “Since I spent much of my childhood here, it always felt like home. But it was only after meeting Duncan in 2010 that I decided I wanted to settle here for good,” says Tassi. Within three years, Inkfidel opened its doors and it appears her decision was a pretty good one. “Goa has always been good to us, and we love it here,” she adds.

Like many others who have made the state their home, it is the relaxed pace of life that captured her heart. She found a great balance between work and life, which is very important to her.

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