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Mindsets for marriage

By on June 10, 2017
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Mindsets for marriage

Taken as an extract from her popular book Bitiyā Hai Viśesha, a collection of letters, governor Dr Mridula Sinha discusses the concept of marriage with her daughter

My loving daughter Mili,

Always be cheerful!

In our search for an appropriate match for you, we have met several boys. We have refrained from requesting for a groom in the newspaper, but instead asked for matches from friends and relatives. During our enquiries, we have given our details as well, and also conveyed that we have not sailed our beloved in extravagant luxuries. We admitted that while you were growing up, we were financially unstable. 

Perhaps you do not recall – although I always do – when you kept asking for a bicycle in Class 7. I assured you of one the following month but that did not satisfy you, so you demanded it from your father. He immediately took out a `100 note and asked me to buy you a cycle. 

It took two more months for me to do that; you were annoyed and complained to your father. He asked me why I hadn’t bought it yet. I remember replying calmly, “My daughter must realise that a cycle is a big thing, and that her wishes cannot be fulfilled immediately.” You did not understand my motive at the time, but it did not take a second for your father to do so – he got a pair of trousers stitched at the beginning of his graduate course and completed his degree with the same one. 

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