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The diet that heals

By on February 19, 2018
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Eating fruits and vegetables daily can reduce the risk of chronic diseases

India is predominantly a vegetarian country, but many of its vegetarian dishes except for potato, are prepared from ingredients which are not true vegetables. Many consider recipes using pulses, sprouts, soya chunks, paneer, steamed gram flour sticks (gatte) and papad pieces as subzis or bhajis.

Vegetables are edible stems, flower buds, leaves and roots of plants. Avocados, beans, gourds, tomatoes, peas, corn kernels and capsicums – which are fruits – are considered vegetables. From a culinary point of view, vegetables are more savoury and are served as part of the main course while fruits are sweet and tart, and are served as desserts or snacks.

A diet rich in vegetables and fruits helps meet the body’s need for key nutrients like potassium, vitamin C, folic acid, dietary fibre and antioxidant plant chemicals that have beneficial effects on health. It is not only the quantity of vegetables which is important, but variety too since no single vegetable can provide you all the nutrients to meet your daily requirements.

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