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By on November 21, 2018
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The perception of luxury has changed over time. For some, it simply translates into shiny things, and for others, it may lie in the simplicity of things.

However, keeping things simple seems to work in Goa. Luxury is different in Goa when compared to the urban context, simply because the idea of luxury is itself very contextual.

Shedding light on the idea of contextual luxury, aesthetic design and functionality, experts from the field - owner of Ritu Nanda Designs Ritu Nanda, founder of Studio Momo architect Gurmeet Akali and founder of Isprava Nibhrant Shah – recently met for an evening of collaborations and discussions about the future of design.

The panel discussion on The Old, The New and The Now was  organised by Bharat Floorings & Tiles and the ANDSo Store that houses a collaborative environment to promote artisanal crafted products with their own modern twist. 

Akali said, “Anybody who is aware of context - that includes weather conditions, seasons, the trees around, materials used, the landscape - can understand conscious luxury. What comes together while doing a conscious design project automatically comes into the realm of conscious luxury.”

Luxury comes with customisation, awareness, together with attention to detail which includes little things, right from the choice of material used to that conscious decision of not cutting a tree and instead building around it; all of it together is the beginning of luxury, not just the choice of your finishing material, she added.

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