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Vaishnavipratima expands collection with paper lights

By on May 07, 2019
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Interior design store Vaishnavipratima recently launched The Signature Collection of outdoor furniture, designer beds, dining tables, furnishings etc, more suited to Goan homes as it retains its design sensibility of celebrating Indian art.

Adding to the collection is handmade paper lights brand Oorjaa, popular for its use of agricultural and craft waste fibres from lokta, banana fibre paper to upcycled cork and quarry waste to create interesting textures, colours, form and light. As one of the first artisanal paper studios in the country, Oorjaa learnt its craft through a journey of discovery. Along the way, the team has been joined by people who share their curiosity of material and passion to create not just lamps, but spaces that glow from within. Crafted with care, every lamp is alive with the inimitable individuality of the handmade – superfluous in both, aesthetic and  methods, evolving designs that are easy on the eye and the environment.

Located in the heart of North Goa in a 90-year-old Portuguese influenced 4,000 square foot, spacious Goan villa, Vaishnavipratima is named after its interior designer and founder, and specialises in Indianised artefacts, furniture, interior design and – for the first time – fashion by Prama and Bhavaa jewelry.. It first opened in Mumbai in June 2016 and has been known for its exclusive, customised furniture and design for Indian homes.

Vaishnavipratima resonates with similar ethos of sustainable living, encouraging artisanal and exquisite handmade furniture and furnishings. Oorjaa (established in 1998) by Jenny Pinto is an exquisite handmade paper lights brand. It is Bangalore’s first handmade paper studio and is an exploration of light reflecting the love of material, craftsmanship and sustainable living. Today it works in partnership with Radeesh Shetty & Gaurav Rai of The Purple Turtles.

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