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By on January 07, 2020
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When two strong individuals come together, sparks often fly. It's clearly a feat to stay true to yourself and also let your spouse shine. Viva Goa discovers the secrets to successful marriages with six Power Couples from Goa, including the 'two at the top' – chief minister Dr Pramod & Sulakshana Sawant

What is the secret to a successful marriage? Most say it is compatibility, understanding and love between two individuals. We often see couples who are happily married for decades despite having their own share of arguments and tiffs along the journey. 

Overcoming challenges that come along the path of marriage, there are couples who strive to be better versions of themselves and still retain their individuality. Having said that it also needs the kind of understanding and respect for each other’s personal interests and thinking. 

Seeking to find answers first-hand, VIVA GOA has a heart-to-heart conversation with some of Goa’s 'Power Couples' who have made their own identities as individuals. We trace their journey from being strangers, to life partners and to being who they are today.

Our cover couple is the dynamic chief minister of Goa Dr Pramod Sawant and his wife Sulakshana, a higher secondary lecturer, who is also chief of Goa’s Bharatiya Janata Party Mahila Morcha. 

For Dr Pramod it was love at first sight. For Sulakshana, love happened a little later. But what is interesting about this doctor-teacher duo is their passion for politics. From working towards their constituency and today, towards the welfare of the state as a whole, their life has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride. Their support and respect for each other’s opinions and ideas has made the ride rather smooth.

A story straight out of a Bollywood movie is that of two friends, Dr Pramod & Dilip Salgaocar, who grew up in the same city of Vasco as children and later went to the same college in Panaji. They define themselves as strong opinionated people who do not go down without offering a tough fight in any argument. They are very different people but their respect each other’s freedom and space is what lets them write their own destiny, and good one at that. 

From the business house of Alcon Victor Group the dynamic couple, advocate Sylvia & Victor Albuquerque, have had their own share of ups and downs. But what keeps them going is their shared attitude of never giving up. The duo has overcome several hurdles, both in their personal and professional life, but stood by each other, supporting and encouraging each other's passions along the way. 

One of Goa’s famous doctor couples Dr Medha & Dr Shekhar Salkar’s marriage was arranged by their parents. Coming from the same professional backgrounds, they left no stone unturned to help each other climb the stairs of success. Together the Salkars find joy in giving back to society and saving lives, positively influencing each other along the way.

The Caculos, Meghna & Manoj, found the perfect work-life balance with their strategy of collective decision-making. This way, the duo is growing exponentially by spearheading respective roles in their company and at the same time having each other’s back at every step of the way.

Shouldering equal responsibilities at home with respect to household chores, advocates Shanti & Comrade Christopher Fonseca have been fighting for the rights of people through their work as legal professionals and labour leaders. Today, they are well-respected individuals who have encouraged each other’s passion towards their respective fields of expertise.

From being each other’s mentors, companions and support systems to being the most honest yet tough-to-please critics, these couples have crossed barriers to make an identity for themselves. 

VIVA GOA salutes this unique selection of dynamic duos for being individuals power houses, but stronger power couples.

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