Pizza Perfect!

By on October 12, 2016
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Pizza Perfect!

An engineer by profession and chef by default, Italy’s Tita Minelli serves some of the best authentic Italian food and pizzas at his restaurant Da Tita in Majorda

For most foreigners, travelling to this western state of India is an indulging vacation. But for Italian Tita Minelli, it was love at first sight, a place he knew he wanted spend the rest of his life post retirement in.

Minelli packed his bag and left Italy 19 years ago. Taken in by the beauty of Palolem, he decided to make it his home. Once the stay was sorted, he pondered on what he could do for a living.
Back then, Palolem was not as developed as it is today. There were small stores and tiny restaurants.
Then came the light bulb moment! “With no knowledge of cooking, I started a small Italian restaurant in Palolem called Magic Italy as there were no Italian restaurants around,” he said. The initial years at the restaurant of four tables was difficult with hardly any business.

The former engineer was not averse to getting his hands dirty in the kitchen, even though it was all rocket science to him. “I have no philosophy when it comes to food, as to be frank, I didn’t know anything about cooking,” said Minelli. When he started his restaurant, it was his mother in Italy who came to his rescue.
He constantly called her, asking how to cook every dish and penning down every recipe. “My philosophy is my old mama,” he added. A year went in learning and experimentation. Once he mastered the art, he hired boys and taught them how to cook.

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