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Power Point

By on December 29, 2016
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Power Point

Management, the best defence

Though Manohar Parrikar is an IIT graduate, his conversation is down-to-earth, and his comments are often a mix of common sense, pluckiness, bravado and hype. Even before he became defence minister, the Goan politician had made the Bharatiya Janata Party sit up with his opinion on the longevity of veteran leader L K Advani as the party’s prime ministerial candidate. He had said that even pickle, if kept for very long, would become rancid. This was seen as the first demand for a change of guard in the BJP, and Parrikar became close to the challenger – Narendra Modi – who rewarded him by entrusting him with a tough portfolio like defence.

Though critics sniggered that the armed forces and their families had more numbers than the entire population of Goa, the minister impressed everyone with his easy approachable style, ready comments and fast decision-making, especially when compared with his predecessor A K Antony. The Obama administration in the United States has particularly liked Parrikar, hosting him on aircraft carriers and in army bases. In contrast, Antony on a bilateral visit to Washington had stuck too closely to the official protocol. Parrikar, who was under fire as the armed forces failed to protect their own from terrorist attacks, has become cockier after the announcement of surgical strikes across the Line of Control. He famously said that like Hanuman who needed a Ram to tell him he was strong, the Indian Army needed Parrikar to realise its potentials. Veterans who had won wars for India against Pakistan, however, weren’t amused. The minister was applauded when he a said that though he was a straight man, for enemies (read Pakistan) he could become a crooked man to teach lessons.

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