Shakti and the power of grace

By on March 22, 2018
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The authority and omnipresence of the Universal Mother brings happiness to our lives.

Over time, we have seen certain people become elated by riches, status, authority, intelligence, power and wealth. These are all signs of the grace of Shakti, the universal mother.
One must look upon them as an opportunity of service and a symbol of responsibility. Whether it is the post of chief minister, prime minister, president, chief justice or other important post, these are essentially symbols of responsibility of service to mankind and nature, given by
divine grace.
Divine grace is essential. When a person suffers from disease, doctors alone cannot cure him or her. You require divine grace. This can wipe off the past and bestow you with happiness in the present and bliss in the future.
The glory and majesty of the Almighty must be acquired by practising righteousness. One must earn grace, and endeavour to to do so, by observing the discipline that a rightful person keeps.
Prarabdha is always present and although nobody can wipe off your karmas, the grace of God helps you to undergo it without pain. Everyone has a right to earn grace, but what is required is faith and devotion to oneself.
Self-examination is the first step to self-improvement and will help you find shortcomings which act as a road block for progress. Fear, anxiety, jealousy, greed, wrong doings are all deep within us, but with spiritual transformation, we eventually give them up and imbibe kindness, love, forbearance and compassion.
One must fulfill his/her responsibility to the best of his/her ability and only then will God shower His grace on you. For example, a husband must be dutiful to his wife and vice versa. A father must be responsible for the children. Children must be responsible towards their parents. As per the Vedic system, sons must appeal to and feed the souls of their departed ancestors every year by performing Pitru Shradha. Non-performance of any creates a binding debt which you can carry from life to life and works against you in the Cosmos.

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