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Art, Divinity & the Female Form

By on March 18, 2017
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Art, Divinity & the Female Form

The Shakti Occult celebrates beauty in its purest form

Any form of art – singing, painting, dancing, etc – has a divine touch. The golden breath of life which brings about an amazing radiant light coming from the diagrams or yantras has a different significance.

The history of world art denotes the masterpieces which captured the unknown dimensions of existence in known reality, to be felt, experienced and rejoiced. These diagrams can connect you to the core of divinity.
India fortunately has renowned spiritual artists. Various paintings on canvas and paper as well as oil paintings have shown moments of the art of spiritualism over a wide spectrum covering the Vedas, Upanishads and other matters under Hinduism, Sufism, Buddhism, Zen and even Christianity.

Anyone with a deep inclination to the ancient wisdom of India will definitely have access to the classical mystic and echoism tradition which have been shown in various tantric disciplines. A mere look at the paintings reveals a lot as they speak of the meditative process, spiritual exploration and the intensity of the painter.

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